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Maatwerk voor Uw proect


Our radiators are designed for your application.
We take your installation dimensions, the environment, the desired extra head and noise requirements into account.
But we go one step extra ; De Korne draws and makes tailor made frame, expansion tank or  pipe work

Indirect cooling system

Table coolers can be placed remotely and therefore do not have to be placed in the cramped machine room. The Korne coordinates the primary and secondary circuits, advises pipework diameters and supplies all necessary components 
Primary circuit; expansion tanks, plate heat exchangers
secondary circuit ; diaphragm pressure expansion vessel, pump, table cooler

Indirect koelsysteem

Component tuning

The Korne ensures that all components in the machine room are attuned to each other; air volume, air-side and water-side pressure losses and sound damping. We calculate, advise and deliver the solution.

Remote cooling kit.jpg

Remote cooling kit

Easy to mount solution for engines with an air/air circuit, where the cooler cannot be placed directly in front of the engine.
The primary cooling system in a frame with water cooled charge air cooler (WCCAC), plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and piping, so that one water pipe can go to the table cooler in the roof.

Afstemming componenten
Remote cooling kit
Chemische vloeistof tanks
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