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De Korne provides solutions in heating technology. We go one step further;

  • Engineering

  • pipe work

  • frame

  • tuning components

  • indirect cooling system


The Korne ensures that your (diesel) engine runs smoothly; We unburden by all components to match the diesel engine to each other: The right cooling , not too much noise, exhaust gas damping and cooling, fuel oil cooling and storage and room ventilation.

We would like to be your partner in putting together a reliable (cooling) installation



A problem is there to be solved. We can do repairs in house or on site in an emergency. We can supply a new cooling block for any brand of oil cooler, so that the oil cooler fits perfectly again.

To measure is to know

We measure noise, airflow and temperatures on location.
We can examine the radiator internally with our camera.

If there is a problem, we go to great lengths to find the cause and the solution.


About us

We are an acting engineering bureau. We advise and deliver the solution. We deliver custom work, a solution that suits you.


EJ de Korne was founded 40 years ago by Bert de Korne. 

From the end of 2003, daughter Judith has also been involved and from mid-2008 André van der Ven strengthens our team. A family business, where flexibility and reliability are of paramount importance.


Many interesting and complex projects with an international market are brought to a successful conclusion through close cooperation.

Bert and Astrid cooperated until 2020. Corona has abruptly ended his life. We still think about his advice every day.


In the meantime we have developed further; We draw and produce pipes, expansion tanks and frames ourselves. Ignited by the enthusiasm of Ezra, the third generation, we look to the future with confidence.

Image by Arvind Vallabh
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