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Fin-Fan Coolers

Fin-Fan Coolers can be used for indirect and direct cooling. For application as part of an indirect cooling system, please see 'Designing Cooling Systems'.

Fin-Fan Coolers are becoming increasingly popular. Our table coolers have been designed for outdoor use, for example on a roof or a container. The casing is made of galvanised steel with UV-resistant powder coating.

A major advantage of Fin-Fan Coolers is that the sound level can be significantly reduced by using low-speed fans.

Depending on their application, we can deliver table coolers with tubes/fins in brass/copper, copper/aluminium, or RVS/aluminium. We also offer AlMg3 fins.

For application in sea air environments or where there are concentrations of ammonia in the air, the fins can be coated in order to increase their resistance to corrosion.
For off-shore applications where an inclination is expected, the installation can be fitted in a reinforced structure.

For installations in dusty environments, we can adjust the distance between the fins and fit straight, smooth fins without louvres. The leg lengths can be adjusted to your requirements up to 1,000 mm.

The Fin-Fan Coolers can be dimensioned to allow for container transport.

Fin-Fan Coolers are suitable for high–pressure use, for example with Waukesha gas engines.

Using our selection process, we can find a suitable and reliable solution for you!