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Daily Fuel Tanks

For the atmospheric storage of diesel oil, oil for boiler installations, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and processed oil of known origin of hazard category AIII.


  • Tank flushed with corrosion oil.
  • Externally coated with synthetic primer. No internal coating.
  • Air test at 0.2 bar
  • Double-walled tanks: control of the empty space with 0.5 bars of sub-pressure.
  • Materials: S235 JR G2 (RSt37-2), free of mill skin.
  • All tank connections are fitted with plugs.

Our range includes:

Cylindrical Daily Fuel Tank with single wall

Cylindrical Daily Fuel Tank with double wall

Square Daily Fuel Tanks

Customised Designs

In addition to our standard range, we also offer customised designs.

The accessories, such as level switches, or sight glass can be mounted in the desired position.